How to Make Your Bandsaw Blade Last Longer

If you’re wondering why your bandsaw blades seem to be breaking prematurely, consider the wear you’re putting on your blades. Are you properly caring for your machine, or are you simply putting the blade under a lot of load and using it more than you realize? Blades can fracture and break before their time for many reasons, however. Here are a few common reasons for this.

One of the main reasons your blade could be failing you is that it is a poor-quality blade. Not all blades are created equal, and while you may be tempted to pay less, cheaper is not always better. You can bypass this problem by changing your blade more often to avoid breakage, but you will ultimately be spending more money doing this so often. Paying a little more for a quality product means perfect cuts for the duration of your blade’s life.

Another way your blade can fail and break is simply it being at the end of its life and getting overused. If you notice an increase in noise and a decrease in cutting ability, that’s the sign you need to change your blade before it fails completely.

If you are doing things such as not using enough lubricant, cutting the wrong material for the blade, or using your blade when it’s worn out, this is considered incorrect usage and can cause issues with your blades. You should regularly service your bandsaw and ensure it is working properly to optimize your cuts and blade life. Check for visible signs of wear before use to avoid misuse and ensure your machine functions at its prime.

Ensuring you are not over-tightening your blade can help avoid body breakage in the blade and cracks. Most newer saws come with built-in tension indicators, but you can also purchase a standalone gauge for more accurate results.

Ultimately, just make sure that you are keeping up with your bandsaw maintenance and care throughout its life. Problems like broken blades are usually easy enough to fix, but you wouldn’t want small issues turning into larger ones with your machine as a whole. Taking the proper steps to ensure you use your tools correctly can help extend the life of them, and save you costly repairs.


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