Bandsaw Coolant

Depending on the machine you use, your cooling needs could vary. Your saw may come equipped with a coolant tank or a misting system. Whatever the case may be, bandsaw cooling is typically a pretty simple process.

By using coolant, you can improve cutting rates and extend your blade’s life. The cooling system reduces the heat caused by friction between the blade and the material. It will also remove chips and help you avoid blade tooth damage.

For faster band speeds a higher amount of evaporative cooling is needed. Hard metals don’t require as much, because of their lower cut speed. The blade will heat up more when cutting large cross-sections and therefore, a synthetic coolant might be more applicable than oil-based.

Usually, water-based coolant is cost-effective and a good way to run your bandsaw with higher speed and longer blade life. If you are working with more specific applications you can utilize an oil-based coolant, synthetic, or mix your own. Always consider the material you are cutting to make these decisions.

A very efficient coolant application includes a flood system throughout the guide blocks. If correctly applied through the blade, coolant can effectively reduce the frictional heat and provide maximum lubrication on chips. Small machines require a misting spray only, and larger machines will need a more substantial amount of coolant to keep the heat in control.

Cooling fluids are generally trouble-free, but should a problem occur, here are some things you can do. If you have rusting of the blade or parts, consider your water ratio may be too high. Check the mix and adjust it to the recommended ratio by the manufacturer. If your sawing fluid is foaming your mix ratio may be too high in concentration. Cleaning your system of chips and fines may help as well, as metal fines can rob the fluid of antifoaming properties. Lastly, clean your entire cooling system and refill the reservoir with properly mixed fluid to check for and repair leaks.

All KAMA bandsaws come with a built-in cooling system so you don’t have to buy extra parts. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to operating your machines and performing maintenance on them to get the longest life possible out of your investments.


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