Common Issues In Metalworking

There is a lot to learn about metalworking and solving problems that may arise. Here we will talk about some of the most common issues and challenges in metalworking and ways to solve these issues.

Workers are exposed to many hazards during the process of metal fabrication. Moving materials by hand open you up to potential injuries. Wearing proper gloves made for the job you’re doing can help save your hands and your time.

Tools such as end mills and inserts can burn up if not run properly. These are used for machining superalloys. Selecting the correct cutting tool for each material can save shops up to 15% on overall costs and improve their machining productivity.

Metal removal rates and manual processes can drive down production. Changing processes to metal removal rates can impact revenue. Using correct toolpaths, depths of cut and speed can improve productivity in this area. Changing from manual deburring to a deburring wheel will also improve production.

Exposure to hot metal can lead to severe burns in the workplace. Machine parts, sheet metal, and various other equipment can get very hot quickly. Using gloves for heat resistance is vital when working with hot materials with your hands.

If your cutting tool has not been set properly then your metal won’t cut properly. Before working, check that the cutting tool installed on the metalworking lathe is placed in the center. This will ensure accurate cuts. Giving the equipment frequent breaks to cool off will also help ensure the chuck doesn’t rotate at a speed that cannot be controlled.

Strain injuries of the joints are common when repeatedly lifting or working in awkward positions. Carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and bursitis are some of these. Prevent these injuries by maintaining good posture, evaluating how you do your work, and resting when needed.

Issues in metalworking range from mechanical to physical. Always ensure you keep your machines, and yourself, in top shape to continue doing the work you need to do!


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