Choosing Which Bandsaw to Buy

If you own a machine shop you likely own a vertical bandsaw. Like horizontal models, this saw can cut basically any material with ease. These saws are considered the top tools associated with a workshop’s productivity. Unlike typical bandsaws, vertical bandsaws are effective, powerful, and last a long time. Choosing a metal-cutting bandsaw can be tricky, though. So let’s look at some of the relevant factors you should consider in your selection process.

So what is a vertical bandsaw used for? Well, for starters they are used to make a few very specific cuts. These are cross cuts, rip cuts, and radius cuts. A cross cut performs cuts perpendicular to the long axis of the workpiece. Rip cuts perform cuts performed parallel to the long axis of the workpiece. Radius cuts are made by turning the workpiece about the blade as the blade moves through the material. This type of cut is generally limited to woodworking and metalworking. Some factors to consider in a vertical bandsaw are size, variable speeds, portability, and safety. Vertical bandsaws come in a variety of sizes so choosing the size you need for your scale of work is very important. Variable speeds are important because you want to choose a unit that has multiple speed settings. Most bandsaws include speed options so you can choose one that suits your needs and material. Portability is important if you need to transport your machine from job site to job site or between different workshops. The most important thing is to find a unit with wheel locks to prevent your machine from rolling off the station. Safety is obviously a big factor. Make sure your saw includes a variety of safety features in mind for additional protection. The obvious ways to stay safe are to use proper eye and ear safety equipment.

While these are just a few of the factors that are important in choosing a saw for your shop, these are some of the important ones and some of the first things you should look at and consider when looking to purchase a new saw.


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