OVERBUILT – this is the appropriate word you have to pick to describe all of our horizontal pull-down and powered Kama bandsaw. We don’t cut corners on material thicknesses. We use what is needed, so there is no bend or flex in the machine. Our machines don’t cut corners by using bushings. Instead, we use bearings for perfection. Rather than using plastic gears to cut corners, we use hardened, ground steel gears. We don’t cut corners by not keeping parts in stock.


When we design our saws, we don’t aim for a specific cutting capacity within a certain price range. But our target is to develop a saw with a particular cutting capacity with the best-built quality that lasts year after year, hassle-free for industrial use.

There are smart people out there who understand that if they need to buy something, buy the best. So, they only buy it once and be relaxed for the coming years. Are you one of them? If so, you are our customer.

Once you purchase a KAMA Bandsaw, you will get a 1-years service warranty and life-long support with the spare parts. People who bought our first-generation KAMA saws, we are proudly supplying them spare parts till today. So in the long run, your cost per cut is the lowest.

If you are interested in knowing how we started our business and kept our head up in the market with outstanding performance in these years, please check out OUR STORY page.


KAMA constantly have been getting feedback from their customer for the last 2 decades. We are not those companies out there who need to change their design and functionality based on customer complaints within a few years. Suppose you have a machine of other bands that is 10 years old and 3 models ago, chances are high that you will not get spare parts and the machine will be completely unusable. On the flip side, we design bandsaw that completely fit with customer’s requirement and performs the same years after years. We don’t build a saw within a price point. Instead, we make saws that can cut straight for years.

All of our saws are designed futuristically so that they will work the same for a long period while the other brands on the market need to make changes to their design and functionality to satisfy their client base.

For example, the most popular model AD105S of KAMA bandsaw need not to change a single part since 1999. Also, the EV88, EV90, and EV91 are unchanged since 2004 and 2005. The only exception is EV996. Only 3 parts have changed since 1996. 2 out 3 parts were changed to increase the mitering angle from 45 degrees to 60 degrees. The remaining 158 parts of that machine have not changed since 1996 and all of them are in stock.

We are KAMA Bandsaw –  we have spent 25 years building our reputation through thick and thin, and we support you after the sale, year after year.

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