This document will help you Troubleshooting few common problems that you will find. For more help call our number to get help.

1. Diagnostic Procedure For Control Box Of Kama Ev 996

Tools Needed: Voltmeter

  1. Remove back cover of the control box and terminal block cover from the motor housing
  2. Check Input Voltage
  3. Check Continuity of Fuses F1, F2 F3 using the tester
  4. Confirm 24V AC on terminals 7-8 of the PC Board, corresponding to wires 7 & 8 (this power comes from the 24V transformer)
  5. Check Handle Switch for Continuity
  6. Check continuity of the thermal overload protection (red wires at motor terminal block)
  7. After these inspections, if you don’t find any fault, the Contactor K1 should activate when the machine is turned on. Check voltage (110-220) across terminals 2-4-6 of K1.
  8. Next, test voltage across terminals in the speed switch:

Separate Winding Switch should have

In Slow Speed Position, Voltage across terminals U–V–W and no voltage across Z–X-Y

In Fast Speed Position, Voltage across terminals Z–X-Y and no voltage across U–V–W

Download this Troubleshooting Guide

2. Saw Not Cutting Straight Trouble Shooting Guide

When one of our saws is not cutting straight, there is either a problem with the blade or a mechanical problem somewhere in the saw itself. Here are the things to check in the blade:

  1. When a new blade is installed, is it being “broken in” properly? Download our Blade Break-in procedure at
  2. Is the blade the right length?
  3. Is the blade the right thickness? 0.025” thick for our benchtop saws, 0.035” for stationary saws.
  4. Is the blade square at the weld? Lay a new blade on its back on a flat surface to check.

After this, we can go to the mechanical checks. The first check applies only to our benchtop saws, Models AD105S, EV 88, EV 90DM, and EVDMHV.

  1. Check to ensure the mechanical fit between base and saw head has no wobble in it. Adjust the tension and/or replace parts as needed.
  2. On Models EV 88, 90 and 91, check to ensure the vertical adjustments on the blade guides are aligned correctly.

The following checks apply for Troubleshooting all Kama Brand –

Remove the blade guard on the adjustable guide. Remove/open the pulley cover. Remove the blade. Then:

  1. Check to be sure all the blade guide bearings are spinning freely. If any are seized up, replace. If more than one is seized, replace it as a set.
  2. Check the upper blade guide bearings for grooves that have worn in. If grooves are present, replace them.
  3. Check to be sure the adjustable blade guide is flush with the saw housing. Sometimes a chip can get lodged between the blade guide and the housing.
  4. Check the pulleys to see if either one is wobbling due to wear on its shaft. On benchtop saws, also check the rubber on the pulleys for wear and replace as needed.
  5. Check the tension adjusting mechanism to be sure parts of it aren’t broken or loose.

If all these checks pass and you can’t find any problems, call us for further help: 865-671-7682.

DOWNLOAD This Troubleshooting Guide

3. Blade Break-In Procedure

Breaking in Your New Saw Blades

Did you know you can help maximize the life of your blades by breaking them in properly?

Every manufacturer of band saw blades in the world recommends some variation of the following break-in procedure when putting a new blade on a machine: after installing the blade, put a piece of 1 to 1-1/2” round solid bar stock, mild steel in the vice. Set the machine to it’s the highest speed and, using very light pressure, make 10 cuts of the material. As a result, doing this “sets” the teeth and removes micro sharp edges from them which cause vibration and vibration is the killer of all clean cuts and adds stress to the saw blade.

Please let us know if we can do anything else for your company. We include information on other fabrication equipment we either manufacture or import.


Make Your Sawing Easier With – 

KAMA KOOL (PART # 9962000)


A 1 quarter bottle of specially formulated sawing coolant which is concentrated and mixes in a 10 to one, water to coolant ratio, and perfectly fills the reservoir in your KAMA Bandsaw with no waste and can ship UPS to you.



A 5’ long section of heavy-duty roller table that matches up perfectly with your KAMA Precision Bandsaw. It can be used as infeed or outfeed.



Converts the standard vise on your EV 996 to a Rapid Release Vise identical to the one on our semi-automatic EV 97.


3’ tall machine base with optional casters for mobility.


Part # 1051095 (AD105S Bandsaw)


Part # 9001095 (EV 88 and EV 90DM Bandsaws)


Part # 9101095 (EV 91DMHV Bandsaw)


Part # 1051096 (Casters and hardware for machine base)



DOWNLOAD This Troubleshooting Guide




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