KAMA offers 3 models of stationary horizontal bandsaws that are widely regarded as “best in class” in the “Under 8” capacity bandsaw market. Thousands of these horizontal bandsaws are in use around the U.S. Canada, Mexico, England, Australia and many other countries.

One of the ways these bandsaws offer great versatility is in their size in relation to their cutting capacity. With their 20 ¾” X 38” footprint, they fit easily in places ranging from garage workshops to large industrial buildings and even are easily moved around from jobsite to jobsite by many mechanical contractors doing onsite fabrication. The Navy even uses them because they fit through watertight doors on ships. With a cutting capacity of 6 ¾”, round or square, the Kama EV 996 and EV 97 provide very large cutting capacity in relation to their size.

In smaller shops, the space saving doesn’t end with the footprint. KAMA bandsaws were one of the first bandsaws introduced (back in the 90’s) where, instead of swinging the vise and stock tables around to make a miter cut, the sawhead itself swings to make the miter. This allows the saw and stock tables to be positioned against a wall permanently, instead of in the middle of the shop floor, taking up valuable space.

The bandsaws come complete with the base and the cooling system, no hidden “extras” to buy. And, when you buy the saw, it arrives almost completely assembled. The only thing you have to do to start working is pull the base out of the box, attach the front panel to the base, place the upper part of the saw on the base, and set the work stop in position. This takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

The included cooling system consists of the coolant reservoir, pump, and coolant nozzles located on the blade guides. The coolant flow is adjustable from a trickle to a flood. If dry cutting is preferred for thinner cross sections, the pump is easily disconnected from it’s electric supply in about a minute, and you are able to cut dry with no problems.

In 2006 we made one change to the saws – we increased the cutting angle from 45° to 60°.

In 2014, we introduced a new, infinitely variable speed motor. Instead of 2 speeds, you now have a variable speed range from about 90 Feet Per Minute to 300 FPM. The available input voltages for the variable speed motors are 115V and 230V single phase. If you are interested in the maximum saw power, we still offer the 2 speed motors available in 230V, 3 phase.

Those are the only two changes to these machines in 24 years. All the parts that go into a Kama Horizontal Bandsaw today are backwards compatible with saws produced over 20 years ago. We carry a large parts inventory for these machines and you can always count on being able to get spare parts quickly when you need them.

Apart from the physical description and technical details, what really sets these saws apart from all the others on the market is the cutting accuracy. When you set the saw up to make a 45° angle cut, you can be sure it will be 45° and will fit right up to the part it is mating to with no need to spend valuable time trimming the end on a belt grinder so it fits correctly.

This picture frame shows 4 mitered cuts that went straight from the saw to be welded. No touch up needed at the belt grinder. The people who do this kind of work, stair and rail shops, ornamental iron, custom automotive, custom exhaust fabricators, furniture makers, mechanical contractors and metal sculpturers are just a few of the examples of the types of shop that have come to depend on our saws to save time, money and deliver a great looking product to their customers.

The quality of cut proceeds directly from the construction of the machine. The robust vise assembly clamps the material securely and without any possible vibration. This vise assembly consists of 3 heavy castings that have been precisely machined. The vise itself moves back and forth on a tongue and groove plate that is almost 1” thick. And the vise screw is also almost 1” in diameter. There is simply no possibility the vise is going to bend or flex during the cutting operation.

The sawing head on many of our competitors is simply a collection of tubes and plates that have been jigged up and welded together. These types of assemblies are prone to bending and flexing. In comparison, our horizontal saws feature a sawing head that is a heavy casting, precisely machined to carry all the components required: the motor, gear case, pulleys, tension mechanism and blade.

The saws feature KAMA’s automatic blade tension mechanism that eliminates the guesswork about whether the blade tension is correct or not. A powerful spring assembly inside the cutting head supplies the blade tension and can be repaired when, after years of use, it wears out.

The machines feature a smooth worm gear drive instead of the pulleys you often see on smaller saws.  It’s more expensive to make, but over time, it’s also more than worth it.

Pulleys and belts inevitably lead to vibration in the drivetrain. And it doesn’t matter if you are sawing, drilling, milling, routing, whatever: vibration is the killer of all clean cuts. (As you look the picture of the gear, also take notice of the thick wall of the casting around it.)

The Model EV 97 is different from the EV 996 in that it features a heavy duty, air over hydraulic, power downfeed system which allows you to adjust not only the cutting speed but also the cutting pressure. This is really unique on small bandsaws which normally have a simple, oil / gravity release valve to provide the downfeed. Between the variable speed motor and our downfeed system with its speed and pressure adjustments, you can really optimize the cutting operation to maximize blade life and get the lowest possible cost per cut.

The EV 97 also has our rapid vise clamping kit as a standard feature.

We thank you for visiting our website and we hope the information we have provided here helps you to evaluate whether the purchase of one of our horizontal bandsaws is right for you. You are always welcome to contact us with questions and we’ll also be happy to make sample cuts of your material for you before you buy – and provide cutting times.

No matter what brands of small bandsaws you are looking at, you’ll find its true what people say: small bandsaws either come from China, or they come from us.  And with a KAMA horizontal bandsaw, you’ll be getting a machine that can take a 3” piece of round barstock and get a cut like this:


EV 88

  • The capacity is 6”
  • The base is made of heavy formed steel, ¼” thick
  • Like the AD105S, it miters 45° to the right
  • Weight is 85 lbs (compared to 50 lbs for the AD105S


  • All the same features as the EV 88 but the EV90 can miter 45° to the right AND left (DM stands for Double Miter)
  • Weight is 90 lbs


  • DMVH Stands for “Double Miter, Vertical / Horizontal
  • This means in addition to functioning like a normal horizontal bandsaw, the machine can quickly (in about 30 seconds) be converted into a vertical bandsaw for scroll work cutting curved patterns into material.
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