AD105S Diagram & Parts List

EV 88 Diagram & Parts List

EV 90 Diagram & Parts List

EV 91 Diagram & Parts List

EV 97 Diagram & Parts List

EV 996 Diagram & Parts List

We recently launched our “Order Parts” page to give our customers more freedom and options to order online. Kama band saw now has an online channel to order without calling us during our regular business hours. Our site is also 100% mobile responsive. So, you can even order from mobile or Tab 24/7. In addition, the “Over the Phone” order system is now more improved and simplified and available from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

We’ve 2 different types of saw. These are –

  1. Benchtop Saws – The models are AD105S, EV 88, EV 90, and EV 91,
  2. Stationary Saws – The models are EV 996, EV 97SA, and EV 97FA.

All the parts of the following models are now available to order online –

  • AD105S -80 different parts and 5 different corresponding blades
  • EV 88 – 91 different parts and 5 different corresponding blades
  • Model EV 90 – 89 different parts and 5 different corresponding blades
  • EV 91 – 98 different parts and 5 different corresponding blades
  • Model EV 97 – 173 different parts and 4 different corresponding blades
  • EV 996 – 166 different parts and 4 different corresponding blades

We have conducted a survey and asked our previous clients a few questions to improve the user experience. Most of them replied to have a platform where they can order 24/7. Sometimes, they are on the worksite or out of the office the whole day and couldn’t use our “Order by Phone” option during office time. So, it will be a great help for them if we can start taking orders online. Based on that data and analysis, we have launched this brand new option. Because we always care for our customers. Now, they have zero interference at the time of ordering.

Sometimes you may encounter any problem. For instance, the saw is not cutting in a straight line, or the blade’s speed is not optimum, or you have found any other malfunctioning issues, please go to our Troubleshooting guide before you purchase any new parts. Most of the time, it simply needs a little tuning to get the correct result.

If you are sure you need to replace and order parts, please check –

  1. The model Number – Please check the model number imprinted in the body of your machine.
  2. The number of the parts – Diagrams of each model are enlisted on this page for your convenience. So, please choose the parts number carefully from the diagram to get the correct shape and size. A few of the parts are the same for different models, and a few don’t match.
  3. Confirm the quantity – Please use the Arrow keys of your computer to increase or decrease the quantity. In addition, you can input the number.
  4. Where will we deliver the parts? – If you don’t want your Kama Band Saw parts to deliver to your billing address, choose Ship to a different address at CHECKOUT.
  5. Payment Method – We accept all credit and debit cards. So, you have the freedom to choose any.

For example, you have any trouble ordering parts, please contact us by email 24/7 or phone at 865-671-7682 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST. One of our trained representatives will help walk you through.

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