EV 97 SA Semi-automatic Horizontal KAMA Bandsaw

EV 97 SA Semi-automatic Horizontal KAMA Bandsaw



The Model EV 97 KAMA bandsaw expands our sawing capabilities in an important way: We have added a heavy duty, air over hydraulic power down feed to give the KAMA bandsaw production cutting capability. Please take note, this feature is not simply a gravity feed oil valve. Our air over hydraulic downfeed system allows you to control the rate of descent according to the material being cut so that blade life and productivity are optimized. In addition, we have expanded the cutting geometry to mitre 60° right and added a quick release vise to further improve your metal fabrication productivity.

On all Kama Bandsaws the head pivots for mitering and the vise is stationary. SAVES VALUABLE SPACE and is far more accurate.

Product information

Blade Size: 6’3″ x 3/4″ x 0.035
Blade Speeds: LOW: 92 fpm; HIGH: 286 fpm
Weight: 225 lbs
Available Voltages & Horsepower: 230 V Single Phase – 1.0 HP

Features of the EV 97 SA Semi-automatic Horizontal KAMA Bandsaw

We have sold thousands of the pull down version EV 996 Kama bandsaw over the last 18 years (beginning in 1996) to satisfied industrial customers all over the world. The new EV 97 bandsaw takes all of the best features of the earlier machine: the solid cast construction through out, the included cooling system and heavy duty, 2-speed induction motor and combines them with the semi-automatic cutting capability needed by many metal fabrication shops. You can be assured we did not just add a simple oil valve to provide the downfeed, but designed a heavy duty air driven hydraulic system that will provide years of solid, reliable and accurate cutting, just like the EV 996 has done for the thousands of metal fabrication companies which own them.

Power down feed increases life of bandsaw blades!!!
While most small band saws use a simple gravity feed valve to achieve the downfeed, the EV 97 features an air cylinder that applies constant, regulated pressure on the bandsaw blades. This allows you to set the correct cutting speed for any material and achieve the optimum speed and feed ratio for the material you are cutting. And because the down feed is driven by air pressure, not air flow, almost no shop air is consumed running the KAMA EV 97!

Check it out with the competition, you’ll find this is a feature costing hundreds of dollars and worth every penny in operating precision and bandsaw blade life!

All KAMA Bandsaws come complete with base, cooling system and control box. No hidden extras to buy. When your KAMA Bandsaw arrives you only need to assemble the base and install a plug and you are ready to start cutting.

The Kama Precision Semi-Automatic Bandsaw is available in 230V Single phase:

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