Advantages of Bimetal Bandsaw Blades

The ability for a business to cut its own metal has become far more feasible over the years due to technology becoming more widely accessible and manageable. Cutting your own metal is cost-effective as it can lower operating costs and ensure timelines are met. So what are the advantages of the types of blades you choose to use on your bandsaws and how do they help you get the job done?
Bi-metal bandsaw blades are some of the best blades to use. They have teeth with optimized hardness due to their construction of high-speed steel and spring steel. These materials get welded together to make the final product. They are known for their premium strength and due to this, when making your cuts, the blade will be able to maintain the edge which ensures ideal flexibility without giving up resiliency or durability. These blades stay sharp longer than an average blade because of the hardened edge and they can stay sharp longer than a standard carbon blade. The spring steel body allows the blade to flex without breaking which is something the common carbon body blades are more likely to do. Bimetal blades can cut carbon steel, structural steel, stainless steel, and wood. They can also cut aluminum and brass or high alloys. They are used for cutting tubes because of their strength and flexibility as well. They can handle tough-to-cut materials and bundles which is why they are a popular choice.
You can get these bi-metal blades in a variety of lengths, widths, thicknesses, and TPI. These are factors you need to take into account when customizing your blades for your projects. Blades with wider spaces between the teeth provide smoother cuts and fewer teeth allow for the removal of more material.
The lifespan of bimetal blades depends on their usage although they generally last much longer than your average carbon blades. Factors such as the material you are cutting, the bandsaw condition, machine speed, and amount of production per day will determine the life of your blade.
Always remember to take proper care of your tools and machinery to get the longest possible life out of them and your blades. And if you need replacement blades, be sure to visit the KAMA website for the best deals on all your parts!

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