Horizontal Bandsaw Uses

Having a horizontal bandsaw is necessary when getting your material stationary for precise sawing. A highly engineered model can cut about any stock to your preferred size but this isn’t all it can do for you. Bandsaws are powered by hydraulics and have a long continuous tooth band that cuts your desired material. This is held in place by wheels which allow the blade to rotate continuously. The horizontal bandsaw is set apart by its design because it holds down the material you are working on as it saws through it allowing the blade to make clean and accurate cuts.

You can use your horizontal bandsaw to do a number of different jobs. It can cut large pieces of wood because of its blade quality and the bed size. Because of these reasons, it is also able to handle cutting through metal and you are able to change the blade depending on the material you are working with. When cutting metal you want to use a stronger blade that matches what you are cutting. These saws can also handle a high volume of cuts meaning they can complete a lot of work compared to manually sawing. Precision is key with these saws and you can make more accurate cuts continuously because of their strong clamping mechanism that holds your material in place and doesn’t allow for any shifting.

If you are working with a variety of materials then you will need to have a stock of different blades so you can use your machine at its most efficient state at all times no matter the job. The blades will need maintenance so that they don’t prematurely wear or get damaged by heat, as well. Powered blades that are strong enough to cut through metal can also cut through you. Using caution and knowing the machine you are using is vital to your safety. If you are in the market for a bandsaw and want the absolute best for your dollar, visit our website and let us help you find the perfect bandsaw and blades for your next project!

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