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The Story of the Kama Horizontal Bandsaws started back in 1996. Bob Hall, the founder of the company was on a business trip to Italy. A friend of a friend introduced him to the man who had designed the EV996. It was the first year of their production. When the man showed it to Bob, he was fascinated with the machine’s cutting quality, precision, and range. The quality stood out like a shining star. So on their very first meeting in 1997, Bob ordered 20 machines.

The Incomparable Horizontal Bandsaw

To this day, it’s an incomparable machine to other band saw machines. You can’t compare it with the other companies who get their bandsaws made by the same 3 factories in China. Once you see the machine work, you will fall in love with the precision, quality, and feel as Bob felt 24 years ago. Investing in a new but promising machine was a challenge. But it’s paid off over time, and now it’s the “BEST IN CLASS IN THE UNDER 8” MARKET.”

Our Presence

We have attended many EASTEC, FABTEC, NOMMA shows, and onsite demonstrations over the years to showcase the outstanding result the Kama Horizontal Band Saw produces. We have won the heart of thousands of customers who purchased our products, and they are now ordering spare parts. Our customers also appreciate our new initiative to order parts online.

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The Precise Horizontal Bandsaw

The Kama is all about quality. If you are that craftsman who spends a lot of time grinding and cleaning up the end of your cut, Kama Band Saw is the magic wand for you. But, if you are not concerned about the final cut of your metal, our product probably is not for you. People choose us over other brands because they experience a huge difference, and their investment pays for the long run. The thousands of machines we’ve sold over the years, including many shops that own two or more KAMA bandsaws, confirm this.


A perfect example is the image you see on our home page. Every cut on this structure was made with a KAMA EV996 and then went straight to weld. You can see more images like this in our customer gallery.

Difference between Kama Horizontal Bandsaw or Coldsaw?

We get calls from different individuals nearly every week who are trying to decide between a KAMA Bandsaw or a Cold saw. They want to know, do we have any information that will help them?

Whether you need a cold saw or a bandsaw depends on your metal cutting. If you are cutting a wide variety of cross-sections, and you or your shop people will not change the blade, your best option is a band saw. On the contrary, if you want to get a better experience, the choice should be a KAMA bandsaw and a variable pitch bandsaw blade.

Comparing a Coldsaw and Bandsaw is like comparing an Apple with an Orange. They are built for different jobs and uses. Unlike traditional bandsaws of other brands, KAMA has overcome a few limitations that usually a bandsaw has, e.g., no vibration.

Let’s see what the advantages you can get using KAMA bandsaws are –

Sharp Cutting

Vibration is the main cause of any uneven cut. Every KAMA band saw is built to eliminate all vibration from the motor or any parts. We use bearings instead of pulleys to get this done. As a result, you get finished sections that are ready for welding.

Operating Cost

Bandsaw beats a cold saw when it comes to operating costs. If you have to cut a lot of different sections and don’t want to change the blade every time, a band saw will be the best choice. It will save your time in changing blades as well as save the workforce doing so. However, if you only cut the same section over and over again, a Cold saw would be the best choice.

Structural Advantage of Horizontal Bandsaw

The band saw has more teeth per blade and less wear. To handle different material thicknesses, you get variable pitches. The KAMA blades last longer than other blades, and so it is inexpensive compared to others. It has blade tracking adjustment, dual-bearing blade guide rollers, and other advanced features that give you the most delicate finish.

Reduce Waste

One of the major advantages of using the KAMA band saw is the reduction of waste. The kerf of the band saw is smaller than the cold saws, which leaves less waste. The wider the blade is, the more material it eats when cutting through. So, you save a significant length of material for the long run when you use Kama Band Saw.


It is commonly understood that a cold saw will beat a bandsaw in squareness and tolerance. But the fact is, the KAMA Bandsaw is the exception to this commonly understood rule. It is so well built and performs so accurately that it offers a cut 99% as good as cold saw with about twice the capacity for about 1/3 the price.

We always care for our customer’s business and extend our hands all-time for any help before and after-sales. So you can rest assured that your machine will not be idle for not having any spare parts. Kama Band Saws has an extensive supply of spare parts. Every single part for every machine we offer is usually in stock. In case we run out of a spare you need, rather than keep you waiting until our next shipment comes in, we’ll take out that part from a new machine and will send it to you.

Whenever you call us for any help, no matter who answers the phone, you will be talking to someone who has years of experience troubleshooting KAMA bandsaws.

All KAMA Horizontal Bandsaws are free from any defects in materials and quality. In addition, all of our machines come with a warranty of three years from the delivery date. This warranty does not cover consumable parts and “wear” parts subject to normal wear and tear. You can claim your warranty by calling us directly at this number (your number) during office hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Time, (Monday-Friday). Also, you can contact the dealer. Please keep your invoice in a safe place in case you claim the warranty. You will need to place it when you ask for it.


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