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ABOUT KAMA HORIZONTAL BANDSAWS – BEST IN CLASS IN THE UNDER 8” MARKET Back in 1997 it could be fairly said that a person was taking a bit of a chance buying a KAMA bandsaw instead of something better known. I had first seen the KAMA EV996 in Italy the year before when I was there on a buying trip. A friend of a friend introduced me to the man who had designed the EV996 bandsaw and 1996 was the first year of production. The day he showed it to me I fell in love with it. The quality stood out like a shining star. A short discussion during our meeting followed and we placed our first order for 20 machines. The thing about the EV 996 bandsaw was, you had to see it. If your only reference point was all the other companies who got their bandsaws made by the same 3 factories in China, it was hard to believe a small bandsaw could be worth the extra money. Read More
If all you are doing is separating a piece of metal and what the ends look like after the cut doesn’t matter, you probably don’t need a KAMA bandsaw. But, if you are wasting a lot of time with a grinder cleaning up the end of your cut so it fits together and can be welded, a KAMA bandsaw will pay for itself very quickly. It’s that simple. And the thousands of machines we’ve sold over the years, including many to shops who own 2 or more KAMA bandsaws confirm this. A good example is the photo on our home page. Almost every cut on this structure was made with a KAMA EV996 and then went straight to weld. You can see more pictures like this in our customer gallery.

Here is a selection of photos our customers have sent us. You are welcome to send us pictures of projects you are proud of for inclusion in this gallery.

Nearly every week someone calls us and says they are trying to decide between a KAMA Bandsaw or a coldsaw and do we have any information that will help them? Here is what we tell them: If you are cutting a lot of the same cross section all the time, and you can choose the exact blade for the material you are cutting, your lowest cost per cut will be with a coldsaw. But, if you are cutting a wide variety of cross sections, and you or your shop people are not going to change the blade, the way you MUST do with a coldsaw, you are going to have a better experience with a KAMA bandsaw and a variable pitch bandsaw blade.

We keep a very large parts inventory and every single part for every machine we offer is usually in stock. If we happen to be out of a spare you need, rather than make you wait till our next shipment comes in, we’ll take that part off of a new machine and send it to you. And when you call us, no matter who answers the phone, you’ll be talking to someone who has years of experience troubleshooting KAMA bandsaws.

All KAMA machines are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three years after the date of delivery. Consumable parts and “wear” parts subject to normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.


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